Pool Innovation From Australia to J.D. Pools Factory

- 15 Year structural Warranty: strong, flexible and leak-free
- Fast Installation Times, within 7 days
- Scratch-free, Smooth, non-abrasive to skin and swim wear
- Low maintenance and reduce amont of sanitizing chemicals required

The highest quality composite rasins and gelcoats in the industry

Pool Coating process - Production control based on 
Australian Engineering Standard
Composite Filter
- Skimmer filtration system
- Space saving : no pump room, noserge tanks and 
  simplified pipe work
- Operate through automatic controller


6 models for you landscape



5.50 x 2.20m. Dept 1.25m.
5.50 x 2.69m. Dept 1.20m.
Eco Composite Pools 1
- The best selling model for the international market
- Possible paradise in a limited space
- Perfect match for Pool Villa and living niche
Eco Composite Pools 2
- designed to your luxury life style
- Possible paradise on a limited space
- Enjoy your spa massage with family bench style



7.33 x 3.78m. Dept 1.14 - 1.56m.
8.30 x 4.40m. Dept 1.13 - 1.63m.
The private water park for your family
- Nature smooth, kidney bean shape
- Ensures safty with the seats at deep zone
- Perfect for the family with children who just begin to swim
Somewhere pleasant to relax and exercise
- Luxury pool stairs
- Party in the pool along the seating
- Great for the middle-size family and resort living niche



9.60 x 4.25m. Dept 0.96 - 1.57m.
9.95 x 4.40m. Dept 0.96 - 1.77m.
Luxury Roman Emperor Design
- Stylishly rectangular design
- Roman style stair curved down to the pool on both sides
- Specially for the athletic man, who likes the boutique 
Healthy and slendar.. classic swimming pool
- Rectangular shape especially design for swimming
- Ensures safty with the seats in the deep zone
- Greatest model for one who loves to swim


"Ready to enjoy within 7 days + 15 year warranty on structure"

1. Pool Delivery 2. Ground Preparation and Excavation 3. Hole Surface Preparation and 
Sand Bed
4. The Pool is lowered into the hole 5. Filtration, Plumbing and light installation 6. Begin filling with water and back filling
7. Ready to enjoy    

Professionally advises for your best pool location

- Mathces the house landscape to your future pool
- Marks the proper position between house and pool. Do not forget to imagine your pool landscape
- Choose the best area to place pool step, spa and kid pool